beatmania2DX Original Course

       2DX16 EMPRESS "Seven Deadly Sins"  
       2DX15 DJT "The Legend of MANA"  【Result】
       2DX14 GOLD "Almagest"  【Result】
       2DX13 Distorted "God and Fools"  【Result】


beatmania2DX14 GOLD Original Course


Chapter 1. ARIES   [ID:OOTZQOSG]    ■Result
Chapter 2. TAURUS   [ID:CGKUFHKA]    ■Result
Chapter 3. GEMINI   [ID:IASLBLCD]    ■Result
Chapter 4. CANCER   [ID:DBOKGQBI]    ■Result
Chapter 5. LEO   [ID:KHWMAYZE]    ■Result
Chapter 6. VIRGO   [ID:FYKAFMBJ]    ■Result
Chapter 7. LIBRA   [ID:AOWLQYXO]    ■Result
Chapter 8. SCORPIO   [ID:GMYOODHC]    ■Result
Chapter 9. SAGITTARIUS   [ID:IBMIGPHD]    ■Result
Chapter 10. CAPRICORN   [ID:EFOYNTDB]    ■Result
Chapter 11. AQUARIUS   [ID:ANYIXWWO]    ■Result
Chapter 12. PISCES   [ID:FXMALMGJ]    ■Result
Chapter 13. OPHIUCHUS   [ID:OOLFQKYG]    ■Result
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